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Trees naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during the state of photosynthesis and in turn releases the pertinent gas, Oxygen as a byproduct.

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In this natural function alone, trees directly reduce the growth of the Greenhouse Effect and counteract Global Warming. In addition, trees provide us with flowers, fruits and vegetables, fodder for animals, wood, paper and provide cool shadow from the scorching sun. Trees bring rains and stop soil erosion. They give us so many such good things and yet expect nothing in return. Since trees are a powerful and vital tool that directly ensures our survival, we should make a habit to plant more and more trees.

We should be doing this as an individual task, as well as a society level work. I insist all my friends out there to plant at least one tree for yourself. To conclude my speech I would like to quote this famous saying by Dr.

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The main reason we like trees is because they are both beautiful and majestic. No two are alike. Different species display a seemingly endless variety of shapes, forms, textures and vibrant colors. Even individual trees vary their appearance throughout the course of the year as the seasons change. The strength, long lifespan and regal stature of trees give them a monument-like quality.

Most of us react to the presence of trees with a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable feeling. In fact, many people plant trees as living memorials of life-changing events. Trees help record the history of your family as they grow and develop alongside you and your kids. We often make an emotional connection with trees we plant or become personally attached to the ones that we see every day.

These strong bonds are evidenced by the hundreds of groups and organizations across the country that go to great lengths to protect and save particularly large or historic trees from the dangers of modern development. How many of your childhood memories include the trees in your backyard or old neighborhood? The sentimental value of a special tree is simply immeasurable. Trees have supported and sustained life throughout our existence. They have a wide variety of practical and commercial uses.

Trees provide timber for building construction, furniture manufacture, tools, sporting equipment, and thousands of household items. Wood pulp is used to make paper. We are all aware of apples, oranges and the countless other fruits and nuts provided by trees, as well as the tasty syrup of North American sugar maples.

But did you know the bark of some trees can be made into cork and is a source of chemicals and medicines? Quinine and aspirin are both made from bark extracts. The inner bark of some trees contains latex, the main ingredient of rubber. How many more uses can you name? Individual trees and shrubs have value and contribute to savings, but it is the collective influence of a well-maintained landscape that makes a real economic impact and has the greatest effect on property value.

Direct economic benefits come from a savings in energy costs. Cooling costs are reduced in a tree-shaded home, and heating costs lowered when a tree serves as a windbreak. Here are some eye-opening facts and statistics regarding the effect of healthy trees and shrubs:. Click or call today for a free consultation with the top tree care industry arborists and lawn care professionals at SavATree. Contact the office nearest you. Your browser does not support the video tag.

Essay on Save Trees for Students and Children

Tree Service. Request A Complimentary Consultation. Request an Appointment. Diseases Tree Blight Tree Fungus. My neighbor also raved about the professionalism of your crew. Thank you! Chestnut Ridge, NY "I am happy with the work provided on March 26, and was especially happy with the professionalism of the crew and the crew leader's willingness to talk to me and explain and answer various questions I had. Their team is reliable, honest, conscientious and hard-working. I'm extremely pleased. My lawn was terrible before you took over the job.

Now it's beautiful. Bryn Mawr, PA "My wife and I appreciated the ease with which you worked with us, and your cooperation, particularly when we were uncertain as to the trees that should be trimmed and how they would look when all was done. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and expertise. I'm very happy to tell you that Brad takes good care of our trees and is a gracious and generous teacher who goes out of his way to make sure that the trees on our property are healthy and well-groomed!

Warm regards…and thanks again for creating a company that's offered us so much.

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Ossining, NY "Efficient, high quality, professional competence -- all at a competitive sum. At first [Alison] Pottage won me over by her solid knowledge as an arborist, then the crew did their job to her specifications on our 60 to 70 foot oaks within a remarkable period of time -- and left the grounds quite clean. Philadelphia, PA "Thank you on behalf of my kids for the great rope ride They have provided exemplary service that has always been professional, timely, and most importantly doing it in a safe manner.

I look forward to them being a partner with the club for years to come. Your team that came to clear the fallen trees and remove the 2 White Pines was skilled, efficient and very polite; and your Stump Grinding Specialist did an amazing job of removing those huge roots and stumps. Without a doubt, we will call again and recommend SavATree for future needs. They did meticulous work. With the exception of the stump still remaining for insurance evaluation, it doesn't look like anything happened. A lesson that was learned is to have your trees monitored by a tree expert and SavATree is the company to call.

Mortgage Professionals, Inc. I can grow as an employee and the job is close to home.

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I like my job! In a field where there is an abundance of folks looking to take advantage of consumers with many trees on their lot, SavATree, David and crew strike me as incredibly honest and proud arborists which do a fantastic job. Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to continuing my relationship with SavATree and David. There are so many institutions that are worthy of some kind of an altruistic spirit, and for our school to be selected for an Arbor Day activity is an honor. More then that, Steve Skyer and the people he works with spent a whole day with us.

SavATree went out on a limb to plant and root a future for our school. The care you showed our fruit trees, maples, and ornamental cherries will offer them a chance to recover from years of neglect. With so many challenges facing the Society at the farm, it is reassuring to know that many of the trees have been professionally cared for. Old Lyme, CT "Thank you for making our lawn the best on our street. We have had many compliments.

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  • Pawcatuck, CT "Your tree crew just finished removing two trees, and pruning another on my property. They were extremely neat and professional, making sure that everything was they way they found it. I could not be more satisfied. I definitely plan on using your company for any future tree work on my property, and will also heartily recommend you to anyone I know needing your services.

    Andersen Danbury, CT "I was speaking with my husband about all the workers we have had on our new landscape over the past year and a half and we are so pleased with you and your staff. I trust [SavATree's] knowledge, experience, and expertise. I also would like to thank you for always being available should an issue arise. I feel like we are in the best of hands Thanks so much for making our property beautiful. Purchase, NY "On behalf of the Township of Maplewood, I would like to take this opportunity to thank SavATree and especially your arborist, Lorainne, for the wonderful care that you are giving to the Township tree.

    The pruning that was performed by your arborists helped provide a much safer environment for pedestrians and vehicles in an extremely busy area. The work was carried out in a most professional manner with the utmost care. We had to have our front tree taken down.