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I was about thirteen when I realized I wanted a job, so I could have my own money.

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A few birthdays went by and I was celebrating my sixteenth birthday and a few weeks later; I received my first retail job. My very first job was at a popular teen store called Aeropostale.

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I learned and experienced a lot working there and made friends as well Research Papers words 3. Today I am a much better nurse able to perform my job better, not just from job experience, but from what I am learning in this class as well. I have learned a great deal from this course I still have more to learn from it. I still strive to learn how to be more professional and be able to have a greater impact on my patients having a positive outcome My sister got me a job working with her at a Backyard Burgers. When you get your first job, a lot of things change.

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For instance, I started getting a paycheck, so I was able to go shopping more. I was able to buy my own car, which gave me more independence. I was seen by the public more, so I lost some weight and started dressing nicer. I also, became obsessed with working, I worked forty hours a week, while still in my junior year of high school.

All of these aspects changed the way I think and caused me to go down a terrible path Being very young and new to the working world I learned a lot very quickly.

I was a teenager on job sites with grown men with many skills that I was able to learn from. Math is critical in the electrical industry by being able to ensure you do not overload a circuit, calculate the amperage and wattage, and how to get the correct bends on wiring conduct. Learning to read blueprints that had all of the details were critical as well.

12 things you should never say on your first day at work

Being able to relate a small drawing to an actual build was hard to learn but one you wanted to make sure you fully understood Research Papers words 4. When I was four years old my life changed with the birth of my younger brother Marcio, a name that I chose.

Your First Day on the Job

I always studied in public schools, which are only part time in Brazil. Classes for first to fifth grade are in the morning, while classes for sixth to eight grade are in the morning Having a free afternoon led me to my first job when I was thirteen years old. I worked in a restaurant nearby my home, as a cashier and cleaning tables during lunchtime Research Papers words 3 pages. I never really imagined myself working at a restaurant, mainly because I would be constantly eating there.

Not even at a retail store, I thought it would be way too competitive and that I would have to work during the holidays. Well I ended up in a retail job.

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When I first started, I was so shy just to approach a person and let them not about the promotion. One of the girls that was training me, Michelle was so mean to me Figuring there would be times at work I would encounter people that would ruin my day, or get into situations that would be hard to deal with, the good would out way the bad and it would all be worth it in the end.

If you do, remember that it is not anyone else who has to deal with them. Show your willingness to help, especially if you have the necessary skills. If there is an opportunity, introduce your creative ideas into everything you are involved in, be it a project or upcoming entertainment event.

Avoid Gossiping. You might notice that some of your coworkers spend a lot of time gossiping, browsing the web or simply chatting non-stop. Just do your job as you have to. If this chatting distracts you, just put on headphones and concentrate on your work. Every minute of gossiping and chatting will make your results look poorer.

A Day at Work Essay

Build a friendly relationship with other team members during lunchtime or short tea breaks. Avoid speaking badly about your former job. Be friendly and optimistic. Being late is a bad habit that says a lot about you. Make sure you get to your workplace on time, especially if the schedule is not flexible.

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Take traffic and other factors into account to make sure you are there when the workday starts. Otherwise, it might say a lot about your inability to meet deadlines or respect company rules. Time is also important when you are given certain tasks during the day. Do your best to do all them in time.

My First Day at Work | Short Essay | Simple Essay | Write Essay

If you are falling behind on a task, inform your manager and ask for more time. Similarly, if you finish ahead of time, inform your manager that you are already finished and ready to move on to the next task. You already succeeded when your resume passed a stringent screening process and when you aced your job interview. Just remember how easier it will be for you to build your career, deal with coworkers, and simply enjoy your new job if you make a positive impression.

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